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What is ERP? ERP has been built to assist institutions in automating their processes, data management, to derive actionable insights into daily processes, and to help institutions with managing each and every resource. It is a part of technology currently powers 40000+ Institutions, all of these Institutions find various different applications of other than just being an ERP, some of the most common uses include Data Management Software Fees collection and management software, Finances management, Transport and Hostel management Attendance management Parent, Student, Teacher communication tool Inventory management Exam - Results management ERP is a very vast tool, it comes with 100+ modules and you could easily get confused when you are new to the ecosystem. We advise you to carefully go through the articles in the Getting Started to get the best understanding of the various processes involved. These articles will help you understand what are the preparations you will need before and after implementing it in your institution, the common misconceptions and doubts, the workflow for admins, teachers, students, parents in your institution and for any further doubts we are always a ticket away. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planner. It’s a common misconception among most of our customers that it is a LMS (Learning management System). which is NOT an LMS.  

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